I am a postdoctoral fellow at IRIT-ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France.

I am funded by Fondation STAE and NSERC.

Below you will find a summary of my academic activities and my contact information.

  Academic Activities

My research interests are, very broadly, applied mathematics and scientific computing. The focus of my PhD thesis and subsequent research has been on backward error analysis of several types of least squares problems, conditioning of such problems in the presence of noisy data and rounding errors, as well as convergence properties of iterative solvers for linear equations and least squares problems. Motivated by data assimilation applications, I am currently also investigating projects at the interface between numerical linear algebra, numerical optimisation, and computational statistics.
A recent CV including awards, publications, teaching, and service can be found HERE.


2, rue Charles Camichel, B.P. 7122
31071 Toulouse Cedex 7

dtitleyp AT enseeiht DOT fr

+33 (0) 6 52 25 58 98